Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Favorites Weekly Wrap Up

This week was filled with Autumn activities! We wrapped up our study of pumpkins and also learned about bats!
We brought a pumpkin back from our field trip and did some observations with it this week. We measured how tall it was in cubes.

We also measured how many links it took to go around the outside of our pumpkin. We cut it open, and counted the seeds inside. We worked in groups to fill 100s charts and pull the seeds out of the pulp. We ended up with 605 seeds!

We also learned about bats this week. We learned that they help by pollinating plants and eating mosquitoes. One bat can eat about 600 mosquitoes in one hour, so we made 6 sets of 100 to picture how many mosquitoes that is!

We also used cubes to measure the wingspans of 4 different kinds of bats.

We had a lot of group work this week! As we are becoming more independent with skills, I love having students work together to develop those skills! We worked to sort pictures to decide if they showed realism or fantasy. I was impressed with the conversations and reasons my students were having!

 Thanks to all who came to the Halloween Party - the kids had a blast! I managed to get some pictures!

I sent home an orange page with your scheduled conference time on it. Please return the bottom portion so I can make sure I see everyone. Our class is growing by leaps and bounds and I'm so excited to be able to share your child's growth with you!
Enjoy the weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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