Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fire Safety Weekly Wrap Up

We had a fun week learning about an important topic - fire safety!
We learned to stop, drop and roll in the event that our clothes ever catch on fire. Even though it's an important topic, there were lots of giggles while we practiced.

The Upper Sandusky Fire Department came to help us learn more about fire safety. One of our students got to demonstrate how to stop, drop and roll.
They put on their uniforms to show us how they stay safe when they rescue people from fires.

They showed us their truck and gear, and even let a few kids see inside.

We described firefighters, and did some writing. At this point, I'm asking students to use spaces between words, and try to stretch out words as they are able. I've been starting the sentences for them for them to finish.

We have been working on numbers 1-10. We made hats, to practice putting numbers in order. I was so impressed with how the students helped each other! I love seeing their leadership skills come out.

We also worked with ordinal numbers. What better way than to have our own line of stickers! They made their own line, and then practiced identifying different ordinal numbers.

Next week for math, we are switching gears and working on sorting objects. This will be a bit of a review because we have worked on classifying objects both in science and language arts.

Thanks for helping your students participate in our spirit week - it was a lot of fun!
We will finish up our first grading quarter this week. I do our assessments for the grade card one on one with me. I have been really impressed so far - I love seeing how much my students grow throughout kindergarten!

Have a great weekend.
:) Mrs. Steinman

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