Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, we did a lot of activities about fall. We read a lot of books about leaves, did some leaf sorting, and described the fall weather.

We also learned about Christopher Columbus for Columbus Day. We learned that he was a real person and that he explored to find new places. We also learned the name of his three ships! We put some simple facts on a strip of paper. I'm really encouraging them to think about the colors they choose for pictures, and they are doing a great job meeting the challenge! Even though coloring isn't our primary goal, it builds their hand strength which in turns helps with all fine motor skills!

We also got to make our own explorer hats! They used their first name and Columbus for their explorer name.
While we wore our explorer hats, we wrote about what we would like to find as an explorer. We had volcanoes, bugs, diamonds, and gold as some of our answers.

This week in Math, we worked on classifying objects. This was a review from when we worked with physical properties in science. We sorted by shape, size, and count this week. They impressed me all week and even surprised me when I gave them pictures to sort by count without telling them what to do! They worked well in groups and figured out a new way to sort.

On Friday, we had an assembly by The Power Team. They encouraged us to always try our best to achieve our dreams and to make smart choices as we grow up. They impressed us with some different feats of strength.

Next week in Math, we are working on position words, like next to, beside, above, and in front of. In Science, we will be studying pumpkins to prep us for our field trip on Thursday! In Reading, we are adding the letter Pp and the sight words we, my, like, and or. We are going to talk about and identify the main idea of texts.

Grade cards will come home on Wednesday. Our grade cards will have a list of skills with a score listed. The grading scale will be listed on the insert in the grade card. Please remember that kindergarten is a growing year, so if there is an area they aren't perfect in yet, we have the year to get there!

Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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