Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We spent this week working on a variety of seasonal topics!
On Monday, we talked about traditions that our family has at Halloween. We found that our families all celebrate just a little bit differently!

We spent time talking about voting and what that means. We learned that voting is a way that groups pick or choose one option. We practice voting for our favorite snack and became informed voters by tasting chips and popcorn. We also read 3 books - Duck for President, Grace for President and Splat the Cat for President. We cast ballots for the book or character that we liked the best. We made a graph as we counted the ballots.
We started learning about turkeys this week as Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! We are going to be learning about how turkeys survive - what they eat, what they look like, and how they use their bodies everyday to survive. We started by learning about the parts of a turkey. We made a diagram in class together, and then the students labeled their own diagram.

In Math, we have been working on teen numbers. We have worked with 11-17 so far, and have used objects to show groups, pictures to represent groups, and numbers to write each number. We took a quiz Friday that I will have in the grade book this week. We also made posters with different ways to represent numbers, and the kids took a walk to look at each poster once we had them put together!

We will spend the next couple weeks before Thanksgiving finishing this chapter.

In reading, we are continuing to add letters to our knowledge base to help us sound out words. Our class is doing a fabulous job with our sight words - I am so proud! The books we are reading will begin to get a little longer, and I have been challenging them to spell simple words correctly. We have been practicing in small group to write words with 3 sounds. I started adding some words with 4 sounds this week for a few groups. They are really meeting the challenge!

Thank you for all the work you are doing with your children! I am seeing all the hard work in our classroom, and am looking forward to being able to share with you at Parent Teacher Conferences. Have a wonderful weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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