Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Our week was short but full! I have started our monthly assessments, and am so proud of the progress our class is having with letters, sounds, and counting! I'll be sharing information with you at Parent Teacher Conferences, but also putting some scores in the grade book.

We finished learning about turkeys, and did some writing. I'm trying to challenge the kids to write complete sentences and to answer the question I've asked when they write. Some kids are starting to write a second sentence.
We spent time this week talking about Veterans, and my heart was so full to hear how the students in our class talk about soldiers. They are definitely heroes! A few kids brought some items to share with us about veterans in their lives. The stories were awesome to hear!

We practiced our writing again by writing about why we honor veterans.

As a school, we were able to celebrate Veterans Day by gathering around the flag pole for the pledge and national anthem.

In Math, we have worked on all the numbers from 11-20. The kids did an activity today where they had to read a number, draw a picture to represent that amount, then a partner counted, and wrote the number. There's so many parts of a representing amounts, and the kids are doing great! We will be counting to 100 by ones and tens this week. We will finish this chapter before the break.
Thanks for all your support and time you spend working with your child! I am so proud of this group and how far they've come! Enjoy your weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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