Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

Can you believe this last week was February? The nice weather made for some fun recesses, and we even got to go outside on Friday afternoon for our writing time.

We learned about dental health this week. We talked about good things to do for our teeth, like brushing and flossing, going to the dentist, and eating healthy foods. We did an experiment with hard boiled eggs. The eggs represented our teeth, and we soaked them in coffee and coke. The students made predictions, and most were surprised that the eggs turned totally brown. We talked about the importance of making good choices about what eat and drink.
We wrapped up our math chapter on addition. We will continue to practice our addition facts to 5 - I've been so impressed with how quickly this group has picked up their facts! We took our test on Friday, and I should have scores in the grade book by the end of the weekend. We will be starting subtraction next!

We are almost at the end of the third quarter. I will be starting assessments for grade cards this week. In Science, we are going to learn about sound.
I have been impressed as we have worked with blends. We will continue working on blends, but we are also going to start adding some "hunks and chunks" - these are digraphs - letter pairs that change their sounds to make a new sounds, like ch, sh, and th.
Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a full week, but I think it was a lot of fun!
We finished our study about things we see in the sky.We made the phases of the moon - we just stuck to basic phases for our representation, but we did learn about them all in the books we read.
We also learned about stars and constellations. The students designed their own constellation in their journals that came home this week.

We celebrated Valentine's Day as a class, and I really enjoyed our party this year! We passed out cards, played a heart matching game, colored our own game boards, and had an ice cream treat!

We have been working on spelling simple words correctly. I gave the student letter tiles and we worked on building different words. I added some blends into the mix, and the words with ending blends were a good challenge for us!

We have been using objects and pictures to solve addition sentences, and on Friday, I introduced flashcards. Students need to add within 5 with fluency. I would love for them to know each problem automatically, but we learned how to use our fingers if we need to. Flashcards will come home a couple times a week - they should be returned each time so we can practice in class.

I continue to be so impressed by and so proud of this group of kids! They have picked up addition with no problem! We have a few more skills to practice with addition this week before we move on to subtraction.
We are going to learn how to care for teeth this week in science. Enjoy the long weekend - the weather looks beautiful!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a shorter week thanks to Winter deciding to make an appearance!

We've been learning about the sky. We learned about the sun, and talked about how the sun can be seen in different parts of the sky. The kids made flow charts to show morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

We also learned about the moon. We are so, so impressed by the writing and illustrations the kids did in their journal. This one shows the moon's orbit around the earth. The kids were using great vocabulary in their writing. Next week, we will learn about the moon's phases and stars.
Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg 
 In Math, we are starting addition. So far, we have shown addition stories using the words join, add, and in all. We are using objects and pictures to represent these. 
In reading, we are continuing to add letters and sight words each week. I am so impressed by how well our class is decoding. The stories that we look at in class the next few weeks will all have a transportation theme. We will tie in some informational books and writing about different types of transportation. 

Our Valentine's Day Party is Tuesday. Students can bring a box to collect their cards and cards to share with everyone in our class. Looking forward to it! 

Have a great weekend! 
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a great week! We finished up our study on penguins and polar bears. We compared the animals, and I was so proud of the answers the kids came up with!
I had the students choose their favorite from the two and write their opinions. This is one of our standards in kindergarten, and they rocked it! I am so impressed with this group. I collected the writing and went through the rubric with our goals for kindergarten and then returned them to you on Friday.

We spent this week reading Goldilocks stories. Our class really enjoys when we read different versions of fairy tales! We did this with gingerbread stories in December, and I was glad to be able to do it again. I even heard some kiddos making up their own stories with their friends throughout the week.
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We also celebrated the 100th day of school on Thursday! We had a great day. We made crowns.

We worked on counting to 100 by ones and tens! We made jellyfish with 100 stickers. They had a blast, and were building fine motor skills without realizing it.

We also painted with q tips to make 100 dots - in groups of 10.

 Almost every student in our class can count to 100 by ones and tens! Every student can identify all capital letters! I am so proud of the goals this class is meeting. I will be sending home a skills check update early next week, and you can also see grades on the parent portal.

Next week, we are starting addition in math. We will start using concrete objects and pictures before just using numbers. We will continue to work on read simple words with and without blends. I've been so amazed at how quickly we have started to apply blends while reading. In Science, we are going to learn about objects in the sky - the sun, moon, and stars.

Thanks for all your support and all the work you do with your child.
:) Mrs. Steinman