Saturday, March 25, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a short week, and we got a lot into just 4 days!

In Social Studies, we learned about goods and services. I was impressed when all the students were able to give an example of a good and an example of service! They unscrambled the definition of both "good" and "service," and then had to draw a picture to show understanding. We are transitioning to learning about goods that come from farms next week. We talked about the difference between cities and country, which can sometimes be challenging with our rural setting in Upper Sandusky! They did great identifying objects from the city and country!

In Math, we are continuing to work on measurement. This week, we added weight to length and height. Students got to explore with different scales to compare objects to determine which was heavier or lighter.

Next week, we will learn about capacity and learn to measure to the nearest inch with rulers. After this chapter, we are going to do some work with place value with teen numbers - 11 is a group of 10 and 1 extra one.

In Reading, we started working with long vowels! We call the silent e at the end of words "super e." Next week, we are going to work on the chunks ch, sh, and th. I've been impressed that this group is already starting to recognize these chunks before we've spent extensive time with them!
We are also going to be working with prefixes and suffixes in the coming weeks. We used -ed this week and talked about the three sounds it can make. This will be helpful as we start reading more challenging books! Next week, we will look at re- as a prefix.

Have a wonderful weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

Our week was shorter than planned, but we had a great time the days we were there!
We learned about wind, and students know that wind is air that moves. They had several chances to work with wind, and came to some of their own conclusions about wind. One student told me it's air that can push things. I love that! I gave them a dixie cup and an index card and challenged them to make it move without touching it.

After we learned about wind, the students became engineers! Their challenge was to build a maze for a ping pong ball to move through using only wind. Half the challenge was to work with each other and come up with a plan together. They had a blast!

 I managed to get a video of one of the groups.

Also this week, we started learning about length and height, and working with words like longer, shorter, and taller. We have talked about how "bigger" and "smaller" doesn't give us enough information about the measurement we are talking about.
Next week in Reading, we are starting some phonics skills that are different that the skills we've been working on! We are going to learn about silent e at the end of words. I call it "bossy e" and "super e." It makes the vowel say its name.
There is no school Friday for a scheduled day off and no school on Monday for teacher inservice. Enjoy your long weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a busy week! In the midst of the busyness, I somehow failed to take any pictures. We wrapped up our third grading period on Friday - I can't believe we only have 9 weeks left!

In Math, we continued working on subtraction. The students seemed to do pretty well with subtraction - which can be tricky at this age! We are doing some extra work to practice going back and forth between addition and subtraction in small groups. We took our subtraction test on Friday. It will go in the grade book for the next grading period due to some absences. Next, we are working on measurement. We will make comparisons for length, height, weight and capacity. We will also learn to measure to the nearest inch using rulers.

In Reading, we are working on main idea and retelling simple stories. These can be difficult skills, so we will continue practicing them throughout the remainder of the year! We will work on letters y and q, and will be moving to long vowels and digraphs soon. I sent home a chart with our "hunks and chunks" that we focus on. We have learned ch, sh, and th this week, but will be focusing on each one in detail later. I like to introduce them ahead of time so they start becoming comfortable with them.

In Social Studies this week, we learned about community helpers. We tied in writing and did a research project as a class. We read several informational books and use the knowledge we gained to answer five questions about police officers. We took a vote to decide which community helper we wanted to study, and police officers won!

Next week, we are going to learn about wind in Science and learn a little about Ireland and St. Patrick's Day in Social Studies.

Grade cards will come home on Wednesday. We do not have school Friday or the following Monday.

Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a busy week filled with very engaging activities!

In Science, we spent the week learning about sound. We talked about vibrations, sound waves, and energy. We used a balloon "drum" to be able to see the vibrations.

We unscrambled the sentence "Sound is energy we hear." and I asked the students to draw what they understood about sound. I loved seeing some connections back to bats from October and echolocation!

We had the opportunity to explore sound using instruments. We talked about how we can change sound by shaking or hitting the instrument softer or harder.

We wrapped up our study on sound by creating our own shakers. They each turned out a little different, but the kids worked with the supplies I gave them to try it on their own. I am very proud.

In Math, we have started working on subtraction. It is often hard to switch gears from addition to subtraction, so we are working to use a lot of objects to help make it more real. We took a quiz on Friday to write the number sentences to match pictures, and overall the group did very well!
We worked with a partner to practice subtraction stories with cubes. This gave everyone an opportunity to use the vocabulary and the practice taking away. The kids love working with partners and getting to be the "boss."

Dr. Seuss's birthday was on Thursday, so we read several Dr. Seuss books this week and got to celebrate on Friday! We wore fun socks to match the story Fox in Socks and made hats for Cat in the Hat. We even got to practice making a pattern on the hats!

We spent the afternoon with second grade on Friday. We did some buddy reading - kindergarten read from our reading bags, and the second graders read Dr. Seuss books to us!

We talked about how Dr. Seuss has all sorts if interesting illustrations in his books, so we challenged the students to build a structure using Dixie cups and index cards. They had a blast and I was so impressed, and the kids were very proud of what they had created.

We ended the day watching Horton hears a Who. If you want to see more photos, Mrs. Washburn shared some on our school website.

Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman