Saturday, March 25, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a short week, and we got a lot into just 4 days!

In Social Studies, we learned about goods and services. I was impressed when all the students were able to give an example of a good and an example of service! They unscrambled the definition of both "good" and "service," and then had to draw a picture to show understanding. We are transitioning to learning about goods that come from farms next week. We talked about the difference between cities and country, which can sometimes be challenging with our rural setting in Upper Sandusky! They did great identifying objects from the city and country!

In Math, we are continuing to work on measurement. This week, we added weight to length and height. Students got to explore with different scales to compare objects to determine which was heavier or lighter.

Next week, we will learn about capacity and learn to measure to the nearest inch with rulers. After this chapter, we are going to do some work with place value with teen numbers - 11 is a group of 10 and 1 extra one.

In Reading, we started working with long vowels! We call the silent e at the end of words "super e." Next week, we are going to work on the chunks ch, sh, and th. I've been impressed that this group is already starting to recognize these chunks before we've spent extensive time with them!
We are also going to be working with prefixes and suffixes in the coming weeks. We used -ed this week and talked about the three sounds it can make. This will be helpful as we start reading more challenging books! Next week, we will look at re- as a prefix.

Have a wonderful weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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