Saturday, April 8, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was very busy! The author/illustrator David Catrow came to our school on Tuesday. We had been reading books he's worked on leading up to his visit, and we really enjoyed them! He drew several pictures during our assembly and read one of the books he illustrated to us.

In Science, we learned about plants all week. I totally enjoyed watching the students make observations and explore their curiosity!
On Monday, we identified the parts of plants. The students worked with a partner to look at a pansy plant. They had great questions! 

On Tuesday, we talked about the needs of a plant. We made a flip book and designed an experiment to test how light affects plants. One plant is in the closet, one is under a paper bag, and the third is in the sunlight.

On Wednesday, we learned how plants grow and drew a life cycle.

On Thursday, my dad, who is a horticulturist, came and helped us plant. We learned about the inside of seeds and even got to take them apart!

We planted marigold seeds and will watch them grow in our classroom for at least a month. The plants will come home with students sometime in May!

We were curious how long it would take the plants to germinate, so we looked at the seed packets for information.

By Easter, our seeds should have sprouted!
On Friday, we looked at different bean seeds, and students worked to classify them. I shared some resources with them with illustrations and pictures of each bean.

We are going to learn about oviparous animals (animals that come from eggs) next week. We are going to finish up our math chapter on decomposing teen numbers. After spring break, we will work on telling time to the hour.
We finished our i-Ready assessments this week, and I will send home scores hopefully before spring break. I am also working on monthly assessments, and a skills check sheet will come home soon.
The fundraiser packets came home yesterday. Students have until April 21st to sell, and money and orders will be due that day.
Have a wonderful weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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