Saturday, May 13, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - Rainforest Week

With the school year quickly winding down, we changed our pace this week to spend time studying the Amazon Rainforest. The kids have really enjoyed anytime we have learned about habitats and animals, so this was a perfect fit for this class! I forgot to take pictures because a lot of the activities were discussion based or independent work!
We learned about the layers of the rainforest, and made a picture of it that we added to throughout the week. We spent a day on frogs. The kids were especially interested in poison dart frogs and red eyed tree frogs. We also spent a day on sloths. I think the favorite piece of information they learned was that sloths only use the restroom once a week! We also found it interested that algae grows in the sloths' fur. We spent a final day on toucans. They were interested in how the birds are playful and play catch with fruit or use their bills to have pretend sword fights. After we got information from several sources, students wrote their own informational sentences and made detailed illustrations. All their work from the week should have come home yesterday. We watched the movie Rio 2 to wrap up our study, and the kids were so excited when they would see an animal they recognized or hear a word we had learned. We also spent some time on the Chromebooks on National Geographic. There is a lot of information on different animals and videos that the kids can watch.

We have been watching our painted lady caterpillars grow and change for the last few weeks. All the caterpillars have come out of their chrysalis and are now butterflies! We will release them next week, it was too cold on Friday to let them go.

Next week will be a busy week! East School is having a Right to Read week where our focus will be on reading. We have different activities planned that should have come home on an orange sheet. All the spirit days are on the calendar on the front of your child's folder. We have a sports theme, so we will be reading a lot of books about different types of sports!
Be sure to check the newsletters that came home to make sure you know what is happening in these last two weeks. If you have any questions, please ask!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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