Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up

Winter is getting the best of our school calendar! We have worked hard the days we have had school and have had some good hands on activities.
We completed our i-Ready assessments last week for Reading and Math. I have some students that were absent that need to finish, and will send home scores as soon as I have them all! 
In Reading, we continue to work on sequencing and retelling stories. Students used pictures from Rooster's Off to See the World to sequence the characters and practice retelling the story. We will hopefully look at the story closer tomorrow!

In Social Studies, we learned about maps. We talked about Bird's Eye View and built small farmer's market to show bird's eye view. Students used the pictures of the top of the market to create simple maps. I was very proud of how well did they did!

 We also explored with different types of maps. We had a map of Ohio, atlases, a globe, and Google Earth. The students really enjoyed Google Earth!

In Math, we are learning about 2-Dimensional shapes. Students should be able to identify squares, circles, triangles, hexagons, and rectangles. When we worked on hexagons, students used other shapes to practice making hexagons. This took a lot of careful thinking!

We will continue to work on 2-D shapes this week and next. This week in Social Studies, we are going to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and identify ways we are all unique and special.
Have a great week, looking forward to seeing the kids tomorrow!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

With Christmas approaching, we are still working hard in kindergarten! We spent this week learning about reindeer. We started the week out listing what we thought we knew about reindeer. We talked about the difference between wild reindeer and Santa's reindeer.
We analyzed the body of a reindeer and made a diagram.

We looked at a lot of different resources to gain information about reindeer. Students worked with a partner to look at informational books and websites. I loved hearing, "I didn't know that!"

We revisited what we thought we knew, and made a list of things we learned.
Students wrote their own informational book about reindeer. Many students wrote multiple pages! I am so proud. They were so engaged and worked so hard!
This week, we also read 5 different versions of The Gingerbread Man. Students made text-to-text connections while we read and made predictions throughout the books. They were able to compare the books. Those are important comprehension skills! At the end of the week, they chose one book that was their favorite and wrote their opinion using the word "because."
Next week, we have some fun things planned! Christmas break begins on Friday.
Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holidays Around the World Wrap Up

This week we learned about how people celebrate Christmas around the world. We started on Monday learning about Sinterklaas from Holland. We had a special guest, one of our classroom moms, who taught us all about their traditions! We made Sinterklaas masks.

We made travel "suitcases" and had passports to keep track of each country we "visited." We talked about traditions in the United States, Mexico, and Germany. Students seemed to enjoy making brochures with pictures to represent the different traditions of each country.

We had a travel map we used to mark each country we learned about.
In reading, we worked on cause and effect. We read several books by Laura Joffe Numeroff: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and If You Give a Dog a Donut. We worked as a class to create our own book: If You Give Mrs. Steinman a Watermelon. Each student provided a sentence and illustrated their page. We put the pages together in a book, and the book is in our classroom library.
In Math, we finished our chapter on decomposing numbers. Students did very well with this chapter. I will grade tests and post grades by the end of the weekend. Next, we are going to us position words like above, next to, behind, and below to describe objects.
Next week in Reading, we will compare and contrast Gingerbread stories. In Science, we are going to learn about wild reindeer and do some informative writing.
I am working on grade card assessments, as the quarter ends before Christmas. 
Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman