Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was fire safety week. We spent our short week talking about ways to be safe around fire and what to do if there is a fire. We went in the gym and practiced stop, drop, and roll.

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On Friday, the Upper Sandusky Fire Department came to teach us more about fire safety. We loved having a dad and a grandpa from our room there to talk to our students!

They showed us their gear they wear to fight fires and also showed us their truck!

We are still working on numbers from 6-10. We made firefighter hats with numbers, and then used the numbers to find a partner who was equal, and then to find partners with numbers that were greater than or less than. We also worked to put them in order from 1-10. The kids did great!

Next week, we will wrap up our work on 6-10 and then start working on some sorting to take a break from numbers. It will also give us a chance to review numbers 0-10 and make sure we are confident with those before we move on! We are going to study weather and weather tools in science and continue expanding our reading skills in reading. Our 3rd grade reading buddies have noticed a big improvement in our reading, and I have too! I'm so proud of this class.
I will be working on grade card assessments this week - these are done one-on-one with me. The grade cards will be available on the online parent portal by the 25th of October, if not sooner.
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We spent this week with very routine activities - the kids worked hard and a lot of the routines are starting to click!

Our book in reading was about machines that do work, called Dig Dig Digging.Image result for dig dig digging Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo
We made a list of machines, and after reading, were able to tell how they help us work. We also did some writing about machines, that I will share with you at conferences on Monday. I challenged the students to write their own sentence. Up until now, we have been using a sentence starter. This was hard for some students! Writing is challenging, but one of the favorite ways I see students grow in kindergarten.

In Math, we've continued to work with numbers 6-10. Students should recognize the numbers 6-10, be able to draw a group for an amount from 6-10, and be able to show it on a tens frame. We started comparing numbers and groups, and will continue that next week. We used pennies this week to help us compare and to make groups that were less than, greater than, or equal to another group. Here they are with bags of pennies that they are comparing with different partners.

In Science, we talked about the 4 seasons. Some of their illustrations showing the different seasons are hanging in the hallway outside our classroom, so be sure to check those out at conferences! We read a couple of beautiful books that may be worth checking out at the library!
Image result for waiting for spring henkesWhen Spring Come by Kevin Henkes
Image result for old bear henkes Old Bear by Kevin Henkes

Next week, we are going to talk about fire safety. This is a great time for you to check your fire detectors with your students and talk about an escape plan at your house. We look forward to the Upper Sandusky Fire Department visiting us on Friday!

There are a lot of things going on this month. Parent Teacher Conferences are on Monday. It is still early in the year, and I'm excited to get to meet with you to discuss how your child is doing and how we can help them succeed in kindergarten!
Homecoming week is also next week, so we will be having special spirit days.
Tuesday - Red White and Blue day
Wednesday - Sports day - wear your favorite team or uniform
Thursday - Crazy Hair Day
Friday - Ram Day - wear your orange and black
The PTO is doing a week-long fundraiser to purchase some Ram Gear. It is all online, and so easy to order - it took me less than 5 minutes! You can click here ( and then type in WXW88 and it will show you all the options. The proceeds for the fundraiser always go towards our students. The PTO is covering the cost of our field trip to the pumpkin patch this month.
Grade cards will be available online October 25. We are not sending home paper copies this year, so make sure you have set up your online parent portal. I have been putting in results from assessments the last couple of weeks as I have been checking the progress on skills we have worked on in class. 

Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Friday, September 29, 2017

Apples Weekly Wrap Up

We had a great week!
In Reading, we started on letter sounds, and focused on the letter Mm. On Monday, we made craters in foil while we made the mmm sound.

 We worked on hearing m at the beginning and end of words, and practiced writing m in magic sand. This sand has two colors, and the green sinks to the bottom, so students can see the letter they're practicing.

A lot of these activities will become weekly routines as we learn to read!
In Math, we've been working on showing numbers on tens frames. We also worked on writing numbers 6, 7, and 8. We took a quiz today, the grades will most likely be posted by the end of the weekend.

Students should be able to draw groups for a number from 0-10, using simple drawings like circles or x's.

We spent time this week learning about apples. We started by making a concept map about what we know about apples. We did this all together, but the kids were doing a great job making connections between the ideas. I was so impressed!
We looked inside and outside of an apple to identify and label the parts of an apple.

On Tuesday, it was Johnny Appleseed's birthday. We watched a Brain Pop Jr. video about Johnny Appleseed and made hats.
We tasted three types of apples and made a graph of our favorites. The class liked Golden Delicious the most!

On Thursday, we talked about the life cycle of an apple. I gave students photographs and they worked together in groups to sequence the photos. After we read an informational book, we were able to sequence the photos correctly, then made showed the life cycle on a page that came home.
Today, we made applesauce! We followed a recipe, but I didn't tell the what we were making. They made predictions all day, like apple butter or apple cider. When we finally tasted the applesauce, most of the kids really liked it! We spiraled apples, added cinnamon, brown sugar and water and let it cook in the crock pot all day.

We read with our third grade reading buddies today. Kindergartners read books from their reading bags, and third graders brought picture books to read to us. We will meet with our reading buddies every week!

I have done some assessments this week on skills we have worked on. Some grades have been added to the grade book, that you can see in your parent portal.
Next week, we are learning about seasons, the letter Tt, the sight word this, and comparing groups for numbers 6-10.
Picture day has been changed to Wednesday, October 18.
Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman