Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine's Day Wrap Up

We had a full, busy week.

We wrapped up our study of polar animals. We learned about animals from Antarctica and did some research on penguins last week. This week, we learned about walruses, which normally live in the Arctic. We talked about the parts of their bodies that help them survive. Students made a diagram of the parts of a walrus.

We also learned about blubber and did an experiment to experience how blubber helps walruses survive. A blubber bag was made with shortening, and students got to feel what ice water felt like with and without the blubber. They said it was definitely warmer with blubber!

To practice sight words this week, students used playdoh to spell the words.

We started addition this week. At this point, we are using numbers and objects to help tell joining stories. We will add the symbols + and = next week. We took a quiz on Friday, and grades have been posted in the grade book.

I think our Valentine's Day Party went very well! Students did great passing out their cards and seemed to enjoy receiving a card from everyone. We had a treat of ice cream sundaes, then played some Minute to Win It type games. First, they had to try to put Cherrios on a pipe cleaner only using one hand.

Our second challenge was to see how high they could stack candy hearts.

Next week is a short week with Monday and Tuesday off for students. We will continue to work on addition, but we are using the short week to play catch up from the snow days and delays!
Enjoy the small break this weekend, see you on Wednesday!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, February 10, 2018

100th Day Wrap Up

We celebrated the 100th day of school this week! Our class has come so far since school started in August.

We made hats that said "100 Days Smarter." Miss Gile and I even got in on the fun.

We made a collection on a jellyfish with 100 stickers. The kids worked so concentrated while they worked on this! Placing stickers is a great way to build fine motor skills.

Students worked with a partner to build a structure with 100 items. They were able to choose blocks, cups, or linking cubes.

We wrapped up our chapter on 3D shapes this week. Students did an excellent job knowing what the shapes were able to, like stack, roll, and slide. We took a test on Friday, and grades are in the grade book. The tests will come home early next week. Students brought in a 3D shape from home and were able to share their item with the class.

Next in Math, we are going to start addition. We will be using objects to help understand the concept of joining groups together to find how many in all. Eventually, students will need to know how to solve a problem, like 2+3, on their own without picture support. Flash cards will come home when we are ready.

In Science, we learned about Antarctica this week. We did some research on penguins and students wrote an informational piece on penguins that I will grade this weekend. Students also drew a picture of what Antarctica looks like based on books we read, videos we watched, and pictures we saw on the internet.

We will learn about walruses next week to wrap up our study on Antarctica.

Our Valentine's Party is on Wednesday, February 14. Please check your newsletter for information on the party.

I finally wrapped up assessments for January - the snow has made getting them all finished a little challenging! You should have found a January Skills Check sheet in folders on Friday and some of the assessments have been put in the grade book.

Have a wonderful week!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a full week! In Math, students are doing an excellent job with 3-D shapes. We took a quiz on Friday, and the grades have been posted in the grade book. Our plan for next week is to wrap up our study on 3-D shapes and begin addition next. We will start with joining groups of objects before we begin using the + and = symbols.
In Reading, we work on reviewing some sight words by writing them in shaving cream. This is something you could do at home too! We used it for sight words, but you could use it for writing letters to match sounds or to write simple words.

We studied the author/illustrator Mo Willems all week. Students met many different characters and had the opportunity to create some illustrations like Mo Willems. Miss Gile also designed a lesson on measurement where students used the characters as a unit of measurement. They noticed that if there was a bigger character, it didn't take as many to measure the string. Students did well working in groups.

Next week, we are going to learn about the Antarctic habitat. We will do some research on a couple animals and do some writing to show what the students learned. We will be celebrating the 100th day of school this week as well!
I have almost finished monthly assessments on the skills I check regularly. I will have some grades posted in the grade book by the end of the weekend, and hopefully send home a sheet with updates by the end of the week!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we wrapped up our study of 2-dimensional shapes. We learned to identify the shapes, but we also worked on manipulating the shapes to make new shapes. We used tangrams and students were challenged to use certain pieces to cover a bigger shape. This took a lot of thinking, and they really focused on the task!

The test for this chapter was given one on one with me to ensure that students could correctly identify the shapes. I am not quite finished with the tests due to some absences, but when I am, look for the grade in the grade book and the tests to come home! We are started 3-dimensional, solid shapes next. Students will need to be able to identify a cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere.
Social Studies last week focused on how each student and person is unique. Students colored a puzzle piece to make a class puzzle.
In Science, we learned about the sky. We studied the sun and learned that it was a star. We explored with shadows and learned that shadows are made when light cannot pass through something solid.

We also learned about stars and how a group of stars is called a constellation. Students made the big dipper as a class, then were asked to create their own constellation for a bulletin board that will go up next month.

We also learned that the moon can be seen both in the night sky and the day sky. The moon goes through phases, and students made a simple diagram of some of the phases of the moon.
Students got to explore with Google Sky on the iPads.

I was so impressed with the class this week during writing. They were asked to write using a number word, which were our new sight words this week. The class ROCKED this task! I graded with a rubric and sent them home in folders on Friday. The grades were added to the grade book.

Next week, we will be reading a lot of books by the author/illustration Mo Willems. ( We will also be comparing and contrasting Goldilocks stories.

Our Valentine's party will be February 14. Students are encouraged to decorate and bring a box from home to collect cards. If you want to send in cards for the party, please send a card for each student. We have 19 students in our class. It is much easier for your student if they only write their name on the "from" line and leave the "to" line blank. It makes it easier to pass out the cards. I will not be sending home a class list. I will provide a snack that day, and any food treats you send in will go home in backpacks, rather than being eaten in class.

I am completing monthly assessments this week and will send home an update as soon as I am finished. I will also be sending home the i-Ready scores with that update.

Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman