General Information

Orange Communicator Folders
These will be the best way to keep in contact with me! Put notes in the folders and I will check them every morning. I ask that you check them every night. Take anything out that is on the Keep at Home Side, and send back anything on the Return to School side. Anything you see on the outside of the folder (behavior calendar, monthly skills) needs to stay in the folder.


The bus arrives at 2:30, After the bus leaves, there are two ways to pick up your child from school.  You may stand outside the south doors facing 3rd Street and wait for classes to be dismissed or wait in your car in the line moving north on 3rd Street.  Classes and teachers will make their way down the sidewalk in front of the gym, where teachers will escort students to cars as the line moves forward. The car line is at the north end of the building.

If you have any changes in transportation, please send a note. Without a note, I will send your child home they way you have told me. The note is very important, as we cannot make transportation changes based on your child's word - the goal is to keep your child safe!

School Hours
School starts at 7:55 and ends at 2:30. School doors will open at 7:30, and students wait in the gym until 7:45. Parents, please allow your child to wait in the gym. The first day of school, you may walk them back to the classroom, but after that, you will not be able to come back with them. 

Students who arrive before 7:45 will wait in the cafeteria. Please do not bring your child before 7:30. We ask that parents drop their child off outside, and then leave. Parents will not deliver their child to the classroom door. Students need to be in their seats working by 7:55.

On Monday, you will see a math homework sheet come home. Please read the directions at the bottom and help your child complete! As the year gets going, you will also see a Reading Bag come home. This is a Ziploc bag with simple books and sight word flashcards.  You will listen to your child read at least one book and practice the flashcards. Please send back the next day.

Classroom Behavior
Please see our Classroom Behavior page for information about discipline.  

Lunch and Breakfast

We eat at 10:45. Your child is welcome to pack a lunch, or may purchase lunch for $2.35. This is all done electronically, so you will send in money for their lunch in their folder in an envelope stating what it is for. If you need free or reduced lunch forms, please let us know. Any extra milk can be purchased for $0.50. We ask that you do not charge lunches.
Breakfast is available for students for $1.35 starting at 7:30. If your child wants to have breakfast at school, please make sure they arrive early enough to be in class by 7:55. If your child receives free lunch, they can also receive free breakfast!

We spend about 45 minutes a day at recess. The temperature needs to be 60° for students not to wear a coat. If the windchill is less than 20°, we will stay inside. We also stay inside if it is raining.     

Grades for kindergarten are not posted as regularly as higher grade levels. I do post math quiz and test grades. About halfway through each quarter and at the end of the quarter, you will see grades on Power School for specific skills. You should have received a password and login. If you have questions about how your child is doing, please email me or call the school. I would be happy to talk with you!  

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