Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

We have had a busy start to week #2 of kindergarten! The class is doing a fantastic job, and is really starting to get the routines down. I wanted to share some pictures with you. If you click on the picture, it should pull up a slideshow to look at all of them.

Monday, we had our first assembly. Barney Sue came to talk to us about bus safety.
Listening to Barney Sue
Barney Sue is the remote control bus

Also on Monday, we had our first day with inside recess. If its raining or cold, we will have recess in our classroom. The choices on Monday were legos, big blocks at carpet, and smaller blocks and math manipulatives at tables. The kids were awesome - one of the other teachers even told me how fabulous they were!
Linking Cubes during inside recess
Colored cubes during inside recess
Watching a video about American Symbols

During Social Studies this week, we are learning the Pledge of Allegiance. We have read a book explaining the meaning of the pledge and worked on learning the colors of our flag. When your child knows the pledge, they get to sign our poster that says "We know the Pledge of Allegiance."

One of our big focuses right now is handwriting. We are writing letters and numbers. Today, we worked on C and c. We used individual white boards at our seats, and the kids seemed to enjoy it!

 I have one more thing that I'm so excited to share with you today! We read our first decodable book today! Our sight words this week are I and am. We read a simple book called "I Am." Sorry my voice is so loud - your kids probably didn't need me!

We are continuing to work on letter and number recognition, the Pledge of Allegiance, and we are talking about characters.

:) Miss McPheron

Monday, August 27, 2012

Create Your Own Flag

This week, we are learning the Pledge of Allegiance and talking about the American Flag. As a project for your child at home, I am sending home a plain white page in their orange folder for them to create a flag that represents them! You have all week to complete them, but please make sure you send it back by Friday, as we will share them and then display them in our classroom. They will come back home in a couple weeks. I am sharing a sample flag today that represents me to give you an idea!

The M stands for McPheron, and the colors in the triangle are my favorite colors. There is a sticker of a penguin, because that is my favorite animal. I put an apple on my flag because I'm a teacher and the pie is because I love to bake. I included a photo of my family and the yarn is in Upper Sandusky colors, but it's there because I crochet and knit. I explained all of this to your kids today in class. I'm so excited to learn more about all the students in my class, and this is one way we will build community and friendships in our class.

Remember, return the flag by this Friday. If you finish it before then, put it back in their folder and I'll keep it until we share!

Miss McPheron

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

We successfully finished our first week of kindergarten! All of the kids did great - we are going to have a fabulous year! Here are some photos of what we did on Friday.

Last but not least, here is a video of math time from Friday!

This coming week, we are starting our reading curriculum, continuing with math, and working on the Pledge of Allegiance. We will be working on writing numbers and letters and our sight words are I and am.

Miss McPheron

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School

Pattern Blocks Designs
As promised, here is a link to view some photos from the first day of school. When you follow the link, it will ask you for a password. The password is firstday.
Pattern blocks designs

The kids did wonderful on their first day of school! We read "The Kissing Hand," which is a story about a raccoon who is frightened to go to school on his first day. We talked about how we had felt that morning and did a worksheet "On the first day of school, I felt..." This is currently hanging in our classroom. It will come home next week.

We talked about some rules for our classroom and took a tour of the school so we were ready for the all important event of the day: lunch and recess! We have a recess right after lunch and a recess in the afternoon.
During centers, which is a time where we rotate by groups to different activities, we played with blocks, worked on fine motor skills, drew a picture of ourselves and wrote our names, and did puzzles.
Fine motor skills in centers

We have more exciting activities coming up, but next week, we will be jumping into our reading and math curriculum.

Please work with your child on learning to tie their shoes and learning their phone number and address.
Sorting our snack by color

Can't wait to see your precious kids tomorrow!
Miss McPheron

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day #1

We had a great first day today! I will be posting pictures after I have had both groups of kids for the first day, so check back soon! Remember to send the orange folders back every day. Everything we did today I am displaying in our classroom. Soon, items will be coming home for you to hang on your fridge! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!

Miss McPheron

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classroom Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! School is just around the corner and I have been working hard to get the classroom ready! If you click here you can see a few pictures of the room. If the pictures aren't enough, make sure you come to Open House next Tuesday, August 21st from 5:30-6:30. Remember, you can bring any school supplies and any paperwork you have that night. 

I'm very excited to meet all of you and to start getting to know your child! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Miss McPheron