Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We spent this week learning about dental health. We learned how to take care of our teeth, what to avoid, and even learned about animal teeth! Thanks to Colgate, each student should have brought home a toothbrush on Friday.

We wrapped up our chapter on addition, but we will continue to work on addition throughout the rest of the school year. The flashcards will come home a couple nights a week to give you a way to practice with your student. We did some partner practice with ways to make 10 - using double sided counters, they dumped out the cup and wrote number sentences for their results.
We started subtraction on Friday using objects. The transition from addition to subtraction can be tricky, so I'm hoping using concrete examples will help with this! We used monkeys that were climbing down trees to show that we were taking away.

Next week, we are learning about community helpers and will do a research project together on a helper we choose as a class. We will continue to work on subtraction, and we are almost completely through the alphabet with letters we are working on.
Have a great rest of the weekend!
Miss McPheron

Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, I spent time doing assessments. I am so proud of how far our class has come! We had 7 new kids count to 100 by ones and 8 new kids who know all letter names and sounds!

We also spent this week learning about different presidents in honor of President's Day. We devoted a day to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama. We made a brochure with facts about each one. On Friday, we compared George and Abe. The kids unscrambled a puzzle to show a picture of both of them.

We've been working on addition in math time. Today, we introduced math flashcards and had a chance to practice with a partner. In kindergarten, we need to be able to add facts with answers up to 5 fluently. You will begin to see math flashcards come home on nights when there is not other homework. Please make sure they come back each day - we use them during the day as well! Here we are practicing with each other - the kids had a blast with something so simple!

Have a wonderful weekend - looks like we are in for nice weather!
:) Miss McPheron

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a full week with lots of fun activities!

We learned about penguins. We read several nonfiction books and looked at some online resources and used all the resources to write a penguin report. We learned that penguin chicks huddle together to keep warm, and practiced that in our classroom! So fun - sorry for the blurry picture.

We started addition this week. We have been using objects and pictures and the kids are doing great! We will continue working on this for the next couple weeks. Eventually, students need to be able to answer addition facts without pictures. You will see some flashcards come home at the end of the week. Here we are using pennies and work mats to show joining groups.
On Wednesday, we went to Union for an assembly with all the K-5 students in Upper Sandusky! A jump rope team from Marion Pleasant came to perform for us. They were awesome! Mr. Fillmore got in on the action!
So did Mrs. Murphy!

Thursday was our 100th day of school. We wrote 100 words.

We made a hundreds chart.

We also did 100 exercises throughout the day! The kids had a blast.

Friday we celebrated Valentine's Day. We had a school assembly where Mrs. Thiel read us a book. We also got to look at all the boxes from our school. The kids at East are so creative!

Our fundraiser for Matthew wrapped up this week. East raised over $2000 for Matthew to help his family with any expenses during his treatments. THANK YOU for your generosity over the last couple weeks!

Have a wonderful long weekend!
Miss McPheron

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekly Update

We did a lot of fun activities this week!
First, we learned about groundhogs and talked about Groundhog Day. We made predictions about if the groundhog would see his shadow.
We also learned about shadows and did a craft to show a groundhog's shadow.

We learned about matter this week. We learned about the three states: solid, liquid, and gas. We did some experiments to see matter change states. On Thursday, we put hot water in a jar, added a plate for a lid and put ice on top. We could watch the ice melt but also see condensation forming inside the jar.

On Friday, we watched to see how frozen water bottles would melt. We had a plain bottle, a bottle with salt water, and a bottle we place in a bucket of hot water. The one in the hot water melted the fastest! It was fun to use the scientific method and get to observe matter changing!

We are continuing to work with decodable words. We are using blends, but also matching sounds with letters. We do this when we read books, but we also used letter tiles to build some words this week.
We began addition on Friday, and will be working on it the next couple weeks. Eventually, you will see some flashcards get added to their folders to go home and come back each night. Before we reach that point, we need a solid understanding of it with objects and pictures.

We have a full week coming up! On Wednesday, we will be going to Union School for an assembly to watch a jump rope team. Thursday is the hundredth day of school. Friday is our Valentine's Day Party. If you want to send in cards, I ask that you send one for everyone and that you don't address names on them (it's easier to pass out cards without names). If you want to bring a decorated box, we will be doing a school wide walk through to see everyone's boxes. If you don't make a box, I have bags your child can use!

This week, East School raised $1200 for our Change for Matthew fundraiser! We still have another week of the coin drive. Thursday will be pajama day for 50 cents. We will have another bake sale Friday for 25 cents. Thank you for your generosity and teaching your kids to be generous! They have such big hearts!

If you have any questions about anything, please let me know!
:) Miss McPheron