Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We have been trying to stay busy in our classroom! It's hard with Christmas so near!
We've been learning about flat, two-dimensional shapes in math. Students were challenged to use smaller shapes to form bigger shapes. They also modeled shapes from the environment using smaller shapes, like making a road sign from squares and triangles.

We used 2-D shapes to make Santas as well!

We have done several crafts to go along with books we've read or skills we are working on. I am hoping to send home all of these together this week.
In Social Studies, we are learning how children celebrate Christmas around the world. Each student has a suitcase (folder), passport, travel map, and brochures from each country. We are enjoying learning about different traditions and seeing the ways that the traditions are similar to ours. They will bring home their suitcase with all their crafts.

We have some fun things planned for these last few days of school before break, including doing some activities with other classes in the building. Grade cards will come home on Wednesday, so I have been working on assessments with each student. In addition to the crafts that come home, a bag of their written assessments for handwriting, writing, and math will be coming home with your student.

Have a great day!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We were busy this week! We had some extra music practices with first grade to prepare us for our performance on Tuesday night. There were details on your newsletter this week about the Christmas Program.
We read 5 different gingerbread stories this week. The kids were so interested and would ask what story we would be reading that afternoon. We made a chart to help us keep track of some story elements from each story. We did some different activities throughout the week, and ended on Friday by making gingerbread people out of paper. The kids loved how big they turned out! 
Displaying IMG_1333.JPG 
Displaying IMG_1334.JPG 

We have been working with 2 dimensional shapes in Math. This week, we spent a lot of time creating bigger shapes from smaller shapes. We used pattern blocks to create hexagons and used tangrams to create different shapes. It took a lot of problem solving to move the shapes around and re-position them. I am so proud of this class! 

I am working on assessments for grade cards. The kids are doing fabulous! 10 more kids counted to 100 by ones independently today! Thank you for all the support and work you are doing with your child - it is showing in our classroom!
Next week, we are going to learn about how people celebrate Christmas around the world. We will not have Reading Bags as homework again until January due to the program and the holidays. 
Have a great weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

The stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is upon us! One of our students went to the beach over Thanksgiving and brought back a shell for each student. We wrote to describe our shells.

We started studying 2-dimensional shapes in math this week. We have worked on describing the shapes, and using vocabulary like sides for lines and vertices for corners. We also compared the shapes.

We will be working on creating shapes from smaller shapes next week.
We read the story Mooseltoe this week and made Christmas Moose to get our room in the Christmas spirit!

In the coming weeks, we will be doing some fun Christmas activities but still working on our big kindergarten goals! I am so proud of how well the class is reading, and every student is on track with sight words this week! That's great news, especially after a break! Have a fabulous weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman